Is donor egg the only option? I have diminished ovarian reserve.

Dear Professor Winston,

I am presently residing in Albania. I am 43 years old and interpret my test results to mean diminished ovarian reserve. I have been trying to conceive now for three years and in the last few months have been following advice from a book “It Starts with the Egg” by Rebecca Felt. The gynaecologist we have seen here has recommended implantation using donor eggs and “forgetting” the fact that donor eggs have been used. Neither of us are keen on that idea. Patient Information here is scarce. If you are able to would you kindly recommend a reputable fertility clinic and/or doctor in Albania.

Kind regards


Dear I.,

If you read this website clearly you will see that we cannot offer an opinion regarding suitable clinics or doctors. We have to remain strictly independent. And whilst I am most sympathetic to somebody like Rebecca Felt who is clearly trying to help, I have to say that many of the remedies she mentions in this book have not stood up to rigorous independent controlled studies and are likely to be of dubious benefit in improving what she calls “egg quality”

I am sorry to give you negative news but your gynaecologist is probably correct with his advice

Robert Winston