Should I start IVF after miscarriages and with mild endometriosis?

Dear Professor Winston,

I am a 33 year old nurse from Wales. I have been trying to get pregnant for 12 years in total with 7 miscarriages from 2005-2010. My marriage broke down due to stress of this.

In 2012, I have met my fiancé and we have been trying to get pregnant ever since. I have a had a laparoscopy which found mild endometriosis, I have also had 9 cycles of clomid with no success. I am heartbroken and don’t know what steps to take next? I am concerned that if i start my IVF journey that I will miscarry as no reason was ever given as to why I had 7 miscarriages. Please help with any advice you can give me. It will be greatly appreciated..

Kind regards


Dear I.,

I would suggest, in the absence of your giving me much information about yourself – your weight, endocrine status, an HSG etc – you start by reading my book The Essential Fertility Guide (Essential Parent Company) (and not the book by Zita West which in my view is misleading and does not carry the information most useful to you) available on Amazon. I should add the proceeds go to this charity. It may help answer questions and also formulate what you need to know from me after you have read it when you are welcome to contact me again.

My best wishes,

Robert Winston