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The internet and print media are awash with misinformation and spurious facts about the causes of infertility. Here, Professor Robert Winston answers your questions about fertility, conception and IVF.

Questions and Answers

Dietary supplements, alcohol & acupuncture and IVF
IUI at 47
Can I get pregnant after bilateral hydrosalpinx?
Pregnancy after ectopic pregnancy
IVF or natural conception after miscarriage and preterm birth?
IVF in mid-forties?
Should I start IVF after miscarriages and with mild endometriosis?
Is there anything my daughter can do to hold on to pregnancy?
Is donor egg the only option? I have diminished ovarian reserve.
Fibroids and fertility
Can we conceive naturally despite PCOS and low sperm count?
How can I boost fertility in PCOS and Septate Uterus Didelphys?
Do high levels of FSH and AMH, irregular periods and missed miscarriage mean ovarian failure?
Irregular cycles, high BMI and ruptured appendix
Is egg freezing an answer to teratoma?
PCOS, High BMI, and Post surgical Scarring
IVF and Secondary Unexplained Infertility
Do endometriosis and short luteal phase mean we can’t conceive again?
Is it because of my age and my arthritis that I cannot get pregnant?
How does Coeliac Disease prevent my getting pregnant?
Possible causes of failed implantations and difficulty conceiving
Should I try another go of IVF?
Should I let go of the dream of having another baby at 45?
Is there any correlation between needing IVF and the pill?
Can Ureaplasma Urealyticum and Mycoplasma Hominis affect fertility?
Is there any research on the viability of embryos that have been defrosted, tested, refrozen and implanted?
Does high BMI hinder my chances?