30-30 Challenge 2020


Professor Robert Winston

Even though we’re staying in, we can stay active, healthy, social and connected! Let’s support each other in keeping fit and keeping our research moving forwards! Genesis Research Trust funds research into the causes of infertility and baby loss. Building on our discoveries, our scientists are developing ways to prevent miscarriage, stillbirth and preterm birth, to prevent prospective parents experiencing grief instead of joy. Join our 30-30 Challenge; supporting each other in doing 30 sit-ups daily for 30 days!

It’s easy to get started with our JustGiving page. Please share your JustGiving page on social media, asking your followers to support you, using the #3030challenge hashtag to encourage them to find more information and join in.

Sit-up Safety:

When doing your sit-ups, please take care not to:

  • pull your head forwards
  • start with a jolt: Slower is a better workout!
  • continue if you are in any pain: take a break for a few days!

A guide to correct sit-ups can be found on this page.

Ease-in Option: #1to30challenge

Beginners should not start with 30 sit-ups per day. A variant of the challenge could be to match the daily number with the date of the month, e.g. start with just 1 sit up at the beginning of your challenge, ending up with a nevertheless impressive total of 465!