Charity Update

We are grateful for Dyan Sterling for her 2 years’ service as CEO of the Trust, which came to an end as a result of the decision to restructure the charity. We thank her very much for her contribution. We wish her well for the future.

Following peer review of applications (July 2021) Genesis is funding grants towards the following research projects:

  1. Véronique Azuara: Gene signalling in early embryo development
  2. Vladimir Bokun: Protection from viral infection of babies before birth
  3. Andrew Childs: Genetic causes of male infertility
  4. Wei Cui: Studying processes within stem cells to understand development of the placenta
  5. Aylin Hanyaloglu: Improved hormone treatments in cancer of the womb
  6. Kim Sung Hye: Genetic studies to reduce premature births
  7. Samit Kundu: Understanding the role of different bacteria in the vagina
  8. Victoria Male: Natural Killer cells in viral infection of the womb
  9. Edward Mullins: Genes and dietary advice in diabetic pregnancy
  10. Nina Parker: Mental health after miscarriage
  11. Sheba Jarvis: Research technician for metabolic studies during IVF

We are very sorry we felt we had to cancel the Vietnam bike ride. This was because of the continuing uncertainty around the prevalence of the Covid-19 virus and associated travel restrictions for many countries, including in Asia.