“Future Focus” Fundraiser


The Covid-19 pandemic has been tough for all of us and we hope that you and your families are managing to cope in your circumstances. We mainly raise funds through events; both our cycling challenges and medical conferences. Through online versions of these, and streamlining our operations, our charity has survived the pandemic. Until fundraising events resume, we ask you urgently at this time to support our current research projects in the Institute of Reproductive and Developmental Biology at Imperial College London. We need your help to continue our advancing the understanding of pregnancy loss, so that we can develop tests and treatments. Our research has been at the forefront reproductive science since the 1940s. It has contributed to:

  • development of ultrasound imaging
  • first smear test
  • treatments to improve IVF
  • first pre-implantation genetic diagnosis
  • treatments to prevent twin-to-twin transfusion syndrome
  • understanding of pre-eclampsia
  • identification of genes that cause obstetric cholestasis
  • identification of genes that initiate labour, supporting the development of drugs to prevent preterm birth.
  • diagnosis of miscarriage with ultrasound
  • development of models to predict pregnancies of unknown location (PUL) and ovarian cancer

If each of our supporters donated £15, we could fund an entire Ph.D. However, our current goal is providing equipment to support our ongoing research. We ask you to consider the money you have saved on travel and hospitality over the last year – even though this hasn’t been much fun!

Please donate via JustGiving or our usual Donation page. We look forward to updating you on the total raised and the research it has funded in our next email newsletter. There are many other ways to Support Us, such as taking part in our Challenge events.