Genesis Research Trust restructuring announcement

Our events have been extraordinarily successful over years and we raised substantial sums as many of our supporters will know personally.  Genesis Research Trust is deeply grateful to all who supported us and those who continue to help.  Our other major activity remains educational symposia to improve learning and experience for many medical, nursing and scientific professionals.  These are now of growing quality and are important for our finances.

Unfortunately, the Covid Pandemic had a most serious impact. Travel restrictions and the unacceptable risk of infection amongst loyal supporters mean that we have had to postpone or scale down events. Symposia and conferences now take place purely online and this new way of learning and extending the impact of our research has great potential both nationally and internationally.  For this reason, we are starting a renewed branch of activity, Genesis Symposia. We believe this can have a great future using new technologies still in development.  We are also adapting to lockdown and isolation with new Zoom gatherings; for example, quizzes, a writing course and other opportunities in consideration.

We are sad that because our income has suffered significantly, the board of trustees had no alternative but to restructure the charity to cut costs. This means our wonderful, loyal staffing will have to be reduced. The precise arrangements are still being considered and although we shall lose some staff, we hope to find alternative activity for many of them. This will mean that a higher proportion of your generous donations will go to the continuing world-class research for which Genesis Research Trust is justifiably famous.