International Women’s Day 2021: Choose To Challenge

This year’s International Women’s Day theme – “Choose To Challenge” – is especially appropriate for Genesis.

For many years, many women have chosen to take on our fundraising challenges, supporting research into fertility and baby loss.

Cycling and trekking events have happened all over the world; Europe, Africa, South America, China…

Besides helping to advance science, the events have been great fun, forging friendships with like-minded participants, and even a thank you letter from the Prime Minister, as our fantastic fundraiser Sally Cassidy shared.

Fundraiser and researcher, Professor Kate Hardy, discovered from a trek in Morocco that walking outdoors is invaluable for her mental health.

Walking or cycling such long distances mirrors the determination of our researchers: Every study in the Institute for Reproductive and Developmental Biology is a step forwards in the scientific understanding of problems with pregnancy and fertility. This knowledge enables the development of treatments. For example, we now know that certain types of bacteria in the vaginal microbiome increase the likelihood of miscarriage. Current research explores how antibiotics can target this bacteria, while the “good” bacteria (Lactobacillus Crispatus) remain. The next step could be a giant leap for womankind!

Of course, such events can’t happen at the current time. While nobody knows when they are able to make travel plans, we are glad that we have our next trip planned for November. Please click here to support our women cycling through Northern Vietnam.

Joining #TeamGenesis on a challenge means a life-changing adventure to look forward to. Click here to see our current challenges and get inspired!

To quote from Sally’s write-up: GO FOR IT!