Lord Winston Invites Doctors to Improve Diagnosis on Fertility

Professor Lord Winston is hosting a ground-breaking conference for GPs and family doctors to help them improve diagnosis around fertility problems.Infertility is extremely common, affecting one on eight couples but also one of the least understood areas of medicine. 


Professor Winston has been outspoken about the development of IVF into a private industry. He commented: “GPs are so valuable and important in this field and yet GPs are not always sufficiently equipped to help their distressed patients to handle fertility problems. ‘Unexplained fertility’ is frequently used as a diagnosis when it is actually a lack of diagnosis. It is just a symptom with many causes; IVF isn’t always the answer. This conference is an opportunity to look at childlessness and to improve their patients’ chance of a baby. We hope to help decisions about when to consider IVF and when there are better alternatives”.

Lord Winston was instrumental in pioneering IVF treatment and fertility research. He also chairs the charity running this and related events, Genesis Research Trust.

The virtual event will be accessible to doctors all over the world, to help them approach their patients’ problems in this common but often misunderstood area.

It will offer practical advice on the tests GPs can initiate, when to investigate and treat, how to help males who may not need IVF to produce a pregnancy, and if IVF is considered, how a good GP can be invaluable in that process.

Following Professor Winston’s session on ‘The Importance of the GP’ in diagnosing infertility to open the one-day conference, experts will explore endocrine function in general practice, ovarian problems treated in primary care, and counselling for infertile patients. To close, Professor Jan Brosens from the University of Warwick will look at managing miscarriage.

Genesis Research Trust is the only medical charity consistently at the heart of leading-edge research, investigating why and how things can go wrong with conception, pregnancy and birth. It delivers evidence-based results for medical treatments and outcomes of global significance. Based at Imperial College London, the charity led by Professor Winston has facilitated scientific research at the forefront of fertility and reproductive health since the 1940s. As well as funding research, Genesis Research Trust runs events that share the latest research with the worldwide professional community and is today a leader in virtual conferences.

The General Practitioners Infertility Update will be available online, ensuring this latest knowledge is accessible to a global audience. Proceeds of the Trust’s conferences support research in fertility and pregnancy loss.

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