Online Memoir Writing Course
Wednesday 9th September 2020, 17:30

‘Point of View’

Are you interested in writing a memoir based on your own life experience?

At this time more than ever, writing can help to nourish us, challenge us and assist in making sense of what’s going on around us.

Following the success of our taster session in June, we are running another Online Memoir Writing Workshop on Wednesday 9th September at 17:30.

Emma Darwall Smith, actor, writer and trainer with Communications Collective, will lead this two-hour workshop focusing on narrative point of view. 

We’ll analyse examples of life writing and access how tone and vocabulary can create a voice that’s engaging and convincing. We’ll look at choosing a tense that’s appropriate, dramatising yourself as the narrator, giving signposts to help the reader along, and working against the obvious. We’ll find techniques for excavating our real life experiences and transforming our stories to bring them to life on the page.

This course will carve out a space for you to explore your writing in a supportive and playful environment. Through writing exercises and a sharing of our work, you’ll find the best ways to spark your imagination and develop your style as a writer.

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What you’ll need: A pen and paper and all your life experience.

Whom is this course for? Anyone who has an active interest in creative writing and memoir. It is designed to be inclusive and valuable to experienced writers as well as those with little to no experience at all of writing.

‘The world about us would be desolate except for the world within us.’ — Wallace Stevens

Cost: £25. Proceeds support our continuing research into infertility, baby loss and reproductive cancers.

If you have any questions please email