Genesis philanthropy circle

Become a Genesis Guardian

Genesis Guardians is our special philanthropy circle, comprised of individuals who share our commitment to reducing preventable baby loss.



Join Genesis Guardians and become part of a community that helps us make the breakthroughs in reproductive health that we know are possible.

You can become a Patron by making a gift of £5,000 or join as a group of Patrons and raise the amount together. You can also become a Friend by making a regular, monthly gift of £20 or more.

Your support will leave a powerful and lasting legacy to benefit all those desperately wishing to become parents – both now and in the future.


Your impact

As our circle of supporters grows, so too does our network of scientists. By funding more PhD Studentships, we are able to build futures full of hope and have a greater impact on real lives.

£1,500 – Communicating research is essential to promoting best practice to the global scientific community. £1,500 would enable one researcher to present their findings medical research conferences in the UK and beyond.

£2,500 – Publishing research is important for documenting scientific discoveries. £2,500 would cover the costs of publishing the findings of one PhD student.

£5,000 – Consumables are commonly not funded through research grants but are one of the most important aspects to delivering a successful project. £5.000 would help cover the annual costs of laboratory consumables for one PhD student.

£18,000 – Funding at this level would cover the tuition costs of one PhD student, working to further our knowledge as to how and why things go wrong before and during pregnancy.  

To discuss becoming a Genesis Guardian, please contact the team on 020 7594 9741 or email us at