Support a PhD Student

Training the Scientists of the Future

Genesis Research Trust has long supported young scientists within multiple disciplines, all united by the drive to improve the health and lives of women and babies. Just small investments towards these highly talented PhD students at Imperial College London from the very start of their careers makes a huge long-term impact due to the work they achieve, the visibility of this research within an international arena and a long-lasting legacy as they continue with successful research careers around the world. Continued support of these young scientists-in training is fundamental for continuing the success stories of the Trust.

In the next three years we are aiming to create 20 PhD studentships to deliver ground-breaking research in reproductive medicine, in our priority areas. At least 50% of these studentships will be ring-fenced for women PhD students.

  • Sponsors are invited to meet with their sponsored student and supervising scientist and learn about their research, including being named on any publications resulting from the research
  • Can agree an area of mutual interest for the student to explore
  • All sponsors are credited on the Genesis Research Trust website and in our public-facing communications relating to the research