Working Well Together

Improving health and wellbeing

Improving the general health and wellbeing of the whole population is a big challenge but by Working Well Together, we can make a start.

Through the Working Well Together campaign, Genesis will forge meaningful partnerships with companies to provide:

  • Online information and advice to employees and customers who have been affected by the trauma of baby loss or unexplained infertility
  • Impartial advice to those experiencing the turmoil of IVF treatment
  • Information online to support a healthy and happy pregnancy journey

Why now?

Covid-19 highlighted an urgent need to invest in the health and well-being of communities, globally – including women and babies. Pregnant women, and those trying to conceive, have been heavily impacted during the pandemic:

  • Maternity services were reduced
  • Those awaiting IVF having to put their lives on hold
  • Many have lost their last chance to have a family
  • Many more experienced anxiety, stress or depression

To avoid these devastating outcomes having a permanent impact, Genesis will act – and we ask you to join us. Become a Working Well Together partner so we can help you to better support your invaluable staff and customers. 

Your impact

Recent research indicates as many as 25% of pregnant women experience mental health problems, including anxiety, stress, and eating disorders. Perinatal mental health problems carry a total economic and social long-term cost to society of about £8.1 billion for each one-year cohort of UK births.

By Working Well Together, we can improve health and wellbeing for the whole family, whilst better supporting employees through the most exciting yet daunting time in their life.

To find out more about how we can work well together, please contact the team on 020 7594 9741 or email us at