1,400 premature babies die every year in the UK – we need your help to #StopBabyLoss

In the UK, premature birth complications account for 1,400 child deaths a year – more than double the number in France or Italy. Worldwide the number is estimated at one million annually. As well as being the leading cause of death for children under five, premature babies, those born before 37 weeks, are at risk of life-long health issues.

Pioneering research funded by Genesis Research Trust has unlocked a possible prevention for up to half of all premature births, the biggest cause of death for children under five worldwide. Scientists we fund have found a way to better diagnose, track and treat one of the major causes of prematurity. You can read   about this breakthrough with more detail here.

This is the latest significant and exciting discovery from Genesis Research Trust. By supporting Genesis you are helping ensure our world-class scientists find major medical advances for conception, pregnancy and birth. We exist to help find answers for the millions of people who are struggling to hold a baby of their own.

Despite the scale of the issue, only 20p in every £100 of UK medical research goes towards understanding conception, pregnancy and birth. We need your help to enable more people have the healthy happy babies they so desperately want.