Am I missing Juno folate receptor 4?

Dear Professor Winston,

I was trying TTC for more than 3 years with my previous partner. We had all the usual tests which gave the only possible explanation to our infertility as some slight sperm issues, I have PCOS but ovulate and had a polyp which was removed. However we were never told we would not be able to conceive. When we came to having ivf none of our ivf eggs were fertilised. Apparently the sperm and egg did not interact. To cut a long story short I have been with a new partner for 1 year and we have been TTC for 5 months. He has a child from a previous relationship. I know it’s early days, but I can’t help the feeling of deja vu and I’m wondering if the problem has all along been with me. I have done some research and come across the “Juno” folate receptor 4 protein. Do you know if there is any blood test to find out if I am missing this protein, and the likelihood that it could be causing my problems?

Thank you so much for your time.


Dear I.,

I am not a magician.  What are the usual tests?  And which have you had? And what were the results? And what is your age, weight, BMI etc.  How many eggs?  What were the hormone results during IVF?  Why did they think you had PCOS? How else was this treated before or after IVF?

A few more details and it might just be possible to give you a sensible answer…

Robert Winston