Ask Robert
Questions and Answers

The internet and print media are awash with misinformation and spurious facts about the causes of infertility. Here, Professor Robert Winston answers your questions about fertility, conception and IVF.

Questions and Answers

Should I take Methylfolate to prevent neural tube defects?
Best tests after infection, miscarriage and endometriosis struggles?
Should I try Platelet-Rich Plasma?
Might a Hysterosalpingogram spread bacteria?
Should I try Emma, Alice and ERA tests?
What does a consultant mean by a checkup revealing a ‘touch’ of PCOS?
How reliable is Preimplantation Genetic Screening?
Should I retry IVF after failed FETs?
Better chances from freezing eggs or freezing embryos?
Do I need to go through a mock cycle?
Is it worth trying one more time with a different egg donor?
Do I need to give up caffeine completely?
Are unknown solid objects in uterus wall causing miscarriage?
What tests and supplements are best for IVF?
Does a borderline tumour on one ovary hinder the chance of a natural pregnancy
Can a successful round of IVF improve your chances of conceiving naturally?
Are the usual tests necessary when using donor sperm?
What are the ways to preserve natural fertility? 
How reliable is PGS testing?
Is there any link with endometriosis/polyps and pneumonia and recurrent miscarriage?
Why do I miscarry in the seventh week?
What should we try after 3 attempts at ICSI?
Blockage on tubes?
What are the ways to preserve natural fertility? 
Do injections help egg quality ? 
Is it possible to photograph embryos after they are frozen?
Is Hysteroscopy is the “Gold standard” of checking the womb?
Are there any tips to help implantation?
Is it worth trying IVF after one failed attempt at 43?
Can transferring mitochondria to ova increase their energy?
Could blood clotting disorder affect IVF success?
Is a blood clotting disorder likely to affect fertility? 
Can the medication used to prompt ovarian simulation in egg freezing affect future fertility?
Do you think thyroid dysfunction should be more routinely checked for infertility?
Is there any way to treat blocked Fallopian Tubes or is IVF the only option? 
After 12 IVF failures and one miscarriage, is there anything else I should be looking at?
Do you believe acupuncture / reflexology help with IVF?
What can be the cause of hypothalamic amenorrhoea if not related to stress or weight loss?
What is the best option of treatment for my condition?
What are your thoughts on recurrent miscarriages?
Is your mother’s fertility an indication of your own fertility? 
What is your opinion of natural conception for women in early 40s?
What is the likely success of IVF treatment?
Am I receiving the right course of IVF treatment?
What is the chance of stillbirth happening for a third time?
Failed implantation’s with high grade embryos
Are Natural Killer Cells useful in fertility?
Failed IVF attempts
Can supplements and tests help alleviate a Miscarriage?
How can I get pregnant if I don’t know when I’m ovulating?
Can fallopian tubes heal themselves?
AIS disease and fertility
Should I have my hydrosalpinx removed?
Should I have thorough tests before using donor eggs?
What can I do to avoid miscarriage happening again?
Removal of dermoid cyst, along with ovary and fallopian tube, left me with bad, irregular periods. What might help me conceive?
Does Chlamydia cause ectopic pregnancies?
Am I missing Juno folate receptor 4?
Unexplained secondary infertility
Does heat from a hot water bottle damage egg quality?
Is my body rejecting my husband’s sperm?
Vanishing Twin Syndrome and possible complications
Cancers after ovarian stimulation
Smoking, drinking and IVF
IVF after Cesarean Section
Intense physical exercise and sperm count
Fertility after the pill and a burst cyst
Is pregnancy in males possible?
Do Depo contraceptives cause infertility?
Unexplained infertility and genetics
Egg retrieval and pregnancy after Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Chances of conceiving at 50
How many eggs should we thaw at a time?
Should we continue with IVF in case of “unexplained infertility”?
Is our clinic on the right lines?
When should a hysterosalpingogram (HSG) be done?
Is ‘mild’ IVF justified in women over 40?
IVF after breast cancer
Tight cervix and acutely anteverted uterus
Does ‘mild’ IVF have a better success rate?
Is now the time for IVF?
Egg donation & success rates in Cyprus
After 2 IVF attempts, should I try again?
How can I increase my chances of having a healthy baby?
IVF and embryo grade
Irregular cycle & incomplete investigation
Is my weight affecting my fertility?
Uterine damage after surgical procedure and IVF
Laparoscopy before IVF?
I am 52 and wish to have a baby
What questions to ask GP?
Blocked tube clipped or removed…
Fertility and Turner’s syndrome
Persistent thrush and fertility….finally pregnant!
Sperm problem or egg problem?
AMH Levels – What do they mean?
Is IVF my only option?
Should I take clexane?
Azoospermia and frozen sperm
My last chance – should I consider further IVF?
Dark Eggs
Natural, gentle IVF
Infertility consultation – what tests?
Egg retrieval
Bicornuate uterus and fertility
Double trouble – hydrosalpinx & sperm morphology
Multiple chemical pregnancies
Recurrent miscarriage over age 40
IVF aged 44
Shall I continue with IVF?
IVF – Have I been unlucky?
Blocked fallopian tubes?
Vasectomy reversal or IVF?
Robert does NOT recommend supplements
HyCoSy is NOT very informative
Are my ovaries in shutdown?
Hormone treatments for unexplained infertility
Should I try IVF after diagnosed with poor ovarian reserve?
Gradual ovarian failure and IVF
IVF is your only option
AI for older women
After 3 failed ICSI cycles, should we continue?
New sperm from stem cells?
Re-freezing sperm?
IVF failure due to fibroids
How many eggs should I freeze and what are the success rates?
Do you recommend chromosome screening?
Early pregnancy and belly pain
Ectopic pregnancy, 3 miscarriages and unexplained infertility
Misconceptions about IVF
Laparoscopy & hysterosalpingogram
Womb scratching
IVF and immune screening
PCOS and septate uterus
PCOS and short protocol IVF
Mid-cycle bleeding & fertility
IVF failure in over 40s
Unexplained fertility is not a diagnosis. Fertility test checklist.
Six years of fertility treatment. Are donor eggs my best option?
Unicornuate uterus and recurrent miscarriage
Low Ovarian Reserve
Will taking Humira increase my chances of conception?
How can we increase our chances of IVF success?
Antisperm antibodies
IMSI versus ICSI
Chlamydia infection and IVF success
Migraine and infertility
Crohn’s Disease and female infertility
Thyroid function and fertility
Immune therapy after failed pregnancies
Recurrent miscarriage
Severe endometriosis
Comet test
Failed IVF and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Chance of successful IVF at age 45
Link between miscarriage and failure to conceive?
Asherman’s syndrome and recurrent miscarriage
IVF with donor eggs
Unexplained infertility
Fallopian tube blockage
Premature Ovarian Failure
Egg freezing issues
Persistent thrush and fertility
AMH levels, IVF and egg freezing
Abnormal cervix and infertility
Do pills/dietary supplements help fertility?
Recurrent miscarriages and now fertility issues
Blocked fallopian tubes
Situs Ambiguous and Infertility
I have tried everything, what else can I do to get pregnant?
Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser Syndrome and pregnancy
IVF and adenomyosis
Balanced translocation & recurrent miscarriage
I’m struggling to conceive for a second time: Should I have private tests?
IVF pregnancies
Secondary infertility
Colorado protocol
Egg freezing and gene expression
Autism and stem cell therapy
IVF medication and breast cancer
Concerns with modern fertility treatment
Male vs Female infertility
Diagnosis before treatment
NK Killer cells
Trying to conceive naturally
False positive ovulation tests
Azoospermia and infertility
Clomiphene and ovulation
Freezing eggs
Decline in fertility?
Ectopic pregnancy
No link between IVF and autism
Natural killer cell test
Dermoid cysts
Vitamins and sperm count
Beware IVF success rate claims
Embryo quality
Fertility investigation required before IVF
Does women’s fertility reduce after the age of 32, 35?