Are unknown solid objects in uterus wall causing miscarriage?

Dear Professor Winston,

I’m 45 year old married 3 years ago. Have 2 continuous early miscarriages at week 10 and week 11, both happened in year 2018, February and October. Ended with emergency D&C. My period returned to normal after 2 cycle.

Last year I started felt sharp pain in abdomen and back pain during ovulation until period start. Did vaginal ultrasound found shadowing solid objects in uterus wall size 3mm, 4mm and 5mm. Doctors suspected IUD (I didn’t insert), polys and myomas. Hysteroscopy was done but can’t find anything. Report shows clear. Months later went back for ultrasound shows shadowing solid objects still in uterus wall.

All doctors advise me to ignore and take Aspirin as Hysteroscopy cannot find anything and no cause infertility.
I would like to go for egg donor IVF treatment.

Will these unknown solid objects cause failure? Is there any test that I can do to find out what’s this shadowing solid objects or CT scan or lapomactomy will help?

Gen (Hungary)

Dear Gen,

I would not recommend a CT scan – as this would be associated with unnecessary radiation, but a careful MRI is definitely worth considering.  But before that a hysterosalpingogram done by an experienced radiologist is cheaper and done properly will be likely to reveal small myomata; these are common at your age and could well be an issue.  These can be difficult to detect with a routine hysteroscopy.
I cannot see any point in blindly taking aspirin.
Best wishes
Robert Winston

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