Do I need to give up caffeine completely?
Dear Professor Winston,

I’m 40 and trying to conceive for 23 months. Normal hormone levels 9 months ago, FSH was 8.5, but private AMH done which was 64. Normal ultrasound done with one small cyst. NHS think I don’t have PCOS. I’m a healthy weight, partner semen analysis normal. I’m now in week 8 of acupuncture. We have sex multiple times in fertile window.

Trying to eat healthy. I drink one latte and cup of tea a day. Two questions: Do I need to give up caffeine completely? And despite having sex 5/6 time’s in the fertile window, some practioners state having sex 3 times a week all month? What do you think?

Many thanks,


Dear Leanne,
The best evidence strongly suggests having frequent sex which is spontaneous rather than timed has the best chance of conception.
This is particularly true at your age when the so-called fertile window is not always fertile.  That’s why having sex outside throughout the cycle is often more likely to lead to conception.
The evidence that coffee or tea is harmful is extremely doubtful.   I regret to tell you that in spite of what acupuncturists claim there is simply no good evidence it makes the slightest difference to the chance of conception. If I were you I would suggest getting your tubes checked to make certain they are open and undamaged and the best way is to do an hysterosalpingogram (an x-ray with some dye in the uterus).
Very good luck
Robert Winston

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