Freezing eggs
Dear Professor Winston

I’m almost 34 and have recently broken up with my long term boyfriend. I have read a lot of information about getting my eggs frozen now as a precaution and as I way of securing a better chance of having children if I find I don’t have any or cant conceive naturally in the next few years. I have also read information that suggests we still don’t know at this stage if it will make a difference and not many babies have been conceived by frozen embryos. Would it be a wise decision to freeze eggs now for peace of mind or is it not worth it? I appreciate its also expensive but I would be prepared to spend the money if it is considered a good idea. Many thanks for your time. H

Dear H,

I refer to my other posts on this subject on this website. My inclination is to discourage women from freezing eggs as less than 10% of treatment cycles after egg freezing in the UK have resulted in a baby.

Best wishes
Robert Winston

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