How can I get pregnant if I don’t know when I’m ovulating?
Dear Professor Winston,

We have been trying for 4 years for another child but nothing has happened. My periods have been irregular and heavy and cause bad pains. Ultrasound and blood tests give normal results. My GP isn’t going to send me to see a gynaecologist or fertility specialist for a further 3 months. He has recommended a low carb diet. My son is 5 in August who is on the spectrum not physically but they say he basically a 2-year old. My husband is in the navy and at home on alternate weekends. I am crying out for help with periods and fertility as I don’t know, with my irregular heavy bleeding, if I’m actually ovulating. I’m frustrated that I am not being listened to and desperate for help with both. I have only been advised to use a coil for family planning but won’t help with getting pregnant. Please could you give me some advice?