Is my weight affecting my fertility?

Dear Professor Winston

My husband and I have been trying to conceive naturally for exactly a year, generally we are both in good health however I weigh 15 and a half stone and am5ft 7in. I have tested for ovulation every month for the last 8 months and have always tested positive – around day 15/16. My cycles are regular and last 29 days. I have taken my basal body temperature (BBT) for 5 months and I get a temperature increase of around 0.4 Celsius each time. My husband has conducted a home test and his count results were positive (not low). This is really stressing me out, I desperately want to have a baby. I am now trying to lose weight, I have lost 8lbs so far. Is it my weight that is delaying me? Do I keep trying naturally as this is what I would prefer or should we now seek medical intervention? What can I do to help myself conceive? Please help. Mrs K.

Dear Mrs K,

With you weight and height your BMI comes out at around 34. However you look at it, this is extremely unhealthy. It could well affect your fertility and will make having a baby more dangerous, even if you do eventually get pregnant. I would strongly recommend you lose that weight and a GP can give you an appropriate target to reach. But I have to say that it is also true that it may be more difficult to conceive whilst losing that weight.

With best wishes
Robert Winston