Is there anything my daughter can do to hold on to pregnancy?

Dear Professor Winston,

I wonder if you could maybe give some idea as to what else we could do. My daughter has had 2 rounds egg harvesting and 3 egg implants self funded at Cambridge hospital. The last implant was with 2 eggs. Each time she has had a positive pregnancy test but within days has miscarried. She has paid for the genetics test and all the results came back as normal. Is there anything else she can do to hold onto the pregnancy or is there any reason the eggs fail after the pregnancy has been confirmed. Thank you so much for your time reading this email and I do hope to hear from you.

Kind regards


Dear I.,

I must apologise. For all sorts of reasons I cannot answer questions or give an opinion to somebody making an enquiry about a friend, or relative. Apart from legal issues there is a real possibility of infringing privacy. Should your daughter wish to get into contact herself that would be a different matter and I may be able to give some kind of answer providing on the information she gives me. If her question has already answered on this website I cannot promise to repeat what I have already written.

My best wishes,

Robert Winston