After 2 IVF attempts, should I try again?

Dear Professor Winston
I am 41, 0.4 AMH levels and low follicle activity, two or three antral follicles on each ovary at baseline scans. I also have endometriosis.
I have had two cycles of IVF that have both been abandoned. The first cycle I was injecting 400mi of Menopur and the second was 5 days of clomid and 225mi of Menopur, both times I failed to produce any follicles.
My question is should I give up or are there other drug protocols that may be more successful?
I look forward to hearing from you. J

Dear J,

It is very unlikely that other drug treatments will improve your response to IVF. If there is no other cause for your failure to conceive and your other tests are normal, the statistics show that you are more likely to get pregnant having sex than with any treatments such as IVF or with drugs.

Best wishes
Robert Winston