Robert does NOT recommend supplements

Dear Professor Winston
My daughter has one child from her ex-husband, but her now partner of three years has a medical condition which stops him from having children. He and my daughter are going down the private route of her having a sperm donor. The first attempt has failed. Someone has told me that you have recommended a supplement that can help greatly to help get pregnant. If this is true could I please ask what this is? They can only afford a second attempt after already spending nearly £10,000. Mrs R

Dear Mrs R

I regret you appear to have been misinformed. The Genesis Research Trust website makes it very clear that I do not recommend supplements of any kind as I know of no evidence they are of the slightest benefit. But I have to say that I am surprised that your daughter is having IVF at all – if the problem is purely with her partner and she is normal, why is she not just having donor insemination which of course is a great deal cheaper and less stressful?

Best wishes
Robert Winston