What does a consultant mean by a checkup revealing a ‘touch’ of PCOS?

I recently had a Fertility MOT done during which I had an internal ultrasound and a blood test for AMH. My AMH level is 49, which is higher than normal for a 29 year old. However, my ultrasound showed no cysts on the ovaries and a good AFC. I have regular periods and the scan had showed that I had ovulated that month. I am a healthy weight, no acne problems or excessive body hair. The consultant said I had a ‘touch’ of PCOS. What does this mean? Do I now need to think of myself as having PCOS or am I in a grey area?
Thank you for reading.


Dear N,

I think you will have to accept that these fertility “MOT”s as they are called are mostly pointless.  As far I am aware no serious follow up studies have been done to validate them and I am dubious they are worth the money.  To validate this approach follow up studies of a very large number of women would be needed to really prove they are justified.  They are unlikely, for example, to pick serious problems or diseases which may affect your fertility.  With regard to the “touch of PCOS” this is almost certainly meaningless if your periods are regular and your weight normal.  The finding of mildly polycystic ovaries is frequently seen on ultrasound and this does not mean you will necessarily have a fertility problem – this is a very common appearance in many normal women.  The fact that your AMH is higher than normal is also not likely to be that relevant.

In answer to your question, yes you are right, in my view, this is indeed a grey area.

Best wishes
Robert Winston

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